For those who like to get up in the morning, and even before opening their eyes find themselves with an espresso coffee pot in their hands and their hands in the coffee. “Suprema 100% Arabica” will take you away from the arms of Morpheus with a delicate aroma and fruity, floral scent. Not at all invasive, this blend can accompany you throughout the day both at home and at the coffee bar.


Due to the higher temperatures of the water used for the extraction, this blend will prove a pleasant and harmonious symphony at the nose and at the palate. The bitterness you would expect from the Espresso leaves room for a pleasant acidity accompanied by fruity notes of peach and citrus.

chicco di caffè As our trustwhorty barista Mario says, with 8 grams of finely ground coffee and 24 ml of water at 93° Celsius you will have a perfect espresso.


Passion as an end to itself is like a sumptuous and imposing vessel always anchored to the same port. Taste and enjoy a cup full of hot coffee, with trusted old friends to discover the affinity in recognizing the same olfactory and taste sensations is perhaps the most pleasant experience. For the complex flavour profile and low caffeine content, the blend is excellent even with the addition of hot water. Persistent and light taste.

chicco di caffè 16 grams for a double espresso and 300 ml of hot water.


Home preparation is excellent to fully appreciate the power of coffee. Lightweight and delicate, it can be enjoyed even in the late evening. For those who cannot live without a cup of black nectar. It is not vice, but a salutary virtue.

chicco di caffè 3-cup coffee pot and 25 grams medium-fine ground coffee. Fill the tank with water up to the valve.


Even If you change the place of extraction, the quality still remains the same. At home or at work, you always have an espresso with a supple and delicate cream, shallow but thick. A wonderful tiger-like striated texture allows you to foretaste the pleasant aroma. The scent is of yellow pulp fruits and white flowers. The complexity of the aroma, can be summarized as having a light body, lasting persistence and a pleasant acidity, which recalls citrus fruits. A persistence that will accompany you to the next cup.

chicco di caffè You don’t need to be an expert in the field, everyone will feel like a champion discovering all their senses with this outstanding blend.