A versatile blend to suit all palates; different extraction methods emphasize the characteristics most loved by each one of us. It’s like listening to your favourite music, with headphones on your ears, relaxing. Best if we share it with other people, sensitive like us, attentive to detail and curious to discover new sensations, to awaken the physical and chemical receptors, which have been numbed by a comfortable life, so as to enslave them to what is called emotion.


In a cup drunk in a coffee bar, you will find the perfect balance between body and aroma. A delicate cream with hints of milk chocolate opens the way to a light acidity, with a pleasant fruity aroma reminiscent of white pulp fruit.

chicco di caffè As our trustwhorty barista Mario says, with 7.5 grams of finely ground coffee and 23 ml of water at 92° Celsius you will have a perfect espresso.


For those who are not satisfied with the speed of an espresso and are looking for a pleasant companion in while reading a book, or at the computer in the office. The right boost that never fails.

chicco di caffè 15 grams for a double espresso and 300 ml of hot water.


The preparation of this blend will surprise you for its flavour, body and persistence. Alone or in combination with biscuits and croissants, this coffee will envelop you and your home with a fascinating aroma. One sip leads to another.

chicco di caffè 35 grams of medium-fine ground coffee for a 6-cup coffee pot. Fill up the bottom up to but below the small hole in the tank.


From a gold-coloured pack a precious espresso for everyone. Fine cream, supple and persistent with tiger-like skin. The aroma has traces of milk chocolate and white pulp fruit. A light acidity is balanced by a final pleasant bitterness. All this at your disposal from the first to the last pod.

chicco di caffè Some advice for coffee lovers: don’t extract more than half a cup.