Whether it’s a true story or a legend, coffee was not invented by man. The bean allowed itself to be discovered and thanks to man’s intelligence and through chance today we have a hot beverage which can be found all over the world, sometimes even with its caffeine content removed. Particular aromas characterize our Decaffeinated coffee which, thanks to completely natural processes, is able to maintain intact the aromas of the best Arabica coffee beans to be found in our blend.


A perfect cup every time, thanks to the correct grinding and quantity of coffee, both skilfully checked and dosed. The aroma that will reach your olfactory is characterized by a hint of chocolate. The flavour will then inundate your palate.

chicco di caffè The pods are individually packet in a protective atmosphere to maintain fragrance and freshness.


A real pleasure that can be calmly enjoyed at home at any time. The complexity of the aromas which is not usually found in a decaffeinated coffee will provide a pleasant surprise to your sense of smell. Moreover, enjoying your coffee with a biscuit or in good company will make you never want to give it up.

chicco di caffè If you like to experiment, try adding some lemon or orange peel in the lower water container: you will enhance the fruity aroma of the blend.