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The “Caffè del Faro”, specialized in the roasting of coffee beans, has not yet seen its 10th anniversary. it is located in Montegranaro, in the beautiful province of fermo, in the hinterland of the Marche region in Italy.

The group’s founder, Angelo Sgariglia, as well as being a lover of good food, had long since understood the importance of gourmet products in the food sector which, nowadays, is proven by a growing global attention given to food products of excellent quality.

Angelo Sgariglia’s three children, having always considered their father as a guiding light, are now continuing the family’s business tradition. In fact, they have included in the name of this particular branch of their company, the word “faro” (lighthouse), in memory of their late father. Their intention is to pursue a productive choice whose end product is a consumer item 100% made in italy, usung highly automated production processes so as to increase the competitive advantage on global markets.

In line with the compay’s trend-setting tradition, the brothers have concentrated both on the quality of the product and on its aesthetic aspect, creating a particularly attractive packaging thanks to their team of merchandisers and graphic designers. The team collaborated with a well-known local comic book illustrator who created a company image which appears fresh, young and dynamic, giving rise to special interest on an international level. (Further information can be found on

The aim of the “Caffè del Faro” is to offer a new, special taste of italian coffee, both on the home and international market. The painstaking care taken in selecting the best quality coffee and the distinctive and personalized pack offering an “italian” image make up the brand’s unique elements. “Caffè del Faro” offers various blend to satisfy the tastes of all customers, each customer being the real protagonist and taster of our product.